15+ tricks to approve for Google AdSense in 2020

blogger Adsense approval trick

How to approve for AdSense in 2020 

AdSense is the most popular ad networks. I think this is the best for every blogger or web developer ( old and new ). At first new bloggers can face so many problems for AdSense approval.  Like under construction, already an account, illegal content.  Now I shall explain to you why they send you the disapproval mail.

Blogger Adsense approval tricks

15+  tricks to approve for AdSense in 2020

If you are reading this post, you have already a blog on blogger or WordPress.  Every new blogger wants to show AdSense ads in their blog.  But Adsense very strict.  You need to follow any terms and conditions which is not easy.  Some YouTubers and bloggers tell you that we needed monthly 50000 visitors and a high-level domain to approve in AdSense.  

Most bloggers question that:

How does Blogger qualify for AdSense,
How long does AdSense approval take,
How do I monetize my blog with AdSense, 
How much traffic do you need for AdSense approval, 
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Blogger AdSense approval tricks,
Blogger AdSense approval tricks in 2020,
How to approve for AdSense in 2020


 If you have changed anything in your site after adding AdSense code, then AdSense will reply " your site is under construction"

 If you do not add privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, contact us, terms and confutation pages in your site, AdSense will send you the same mail

If you do not add your social media links or do not edit your social media links, AdSense will send the same mail.  

Note: you can add posts after adding AdSense code. 

If  You use other ad networks, you to remove them.  Please remove their verification code from your site theme HTML code. Because it can slow your site. You can add boost up CDN to boost up your site speed

  •  Already an AdSense account

1. If you have already made an AdSense account with the same address and the same site, they will send you you have already an AdSense account. You will describe the mail in your mail.  You can cancel the account.  You avoid this mail, you have to cancel your account. If you do not know the mail address, you can click on troubleshooting in your email. If you know the mail, follow the steps. To cancel the account, you have to go to your setting > personal setting > cancel an account. They tell you to select the reason.  You can select any of them.  After canceling your account you have to verify your mail address. You to your email and verify your mail. 
You can also avoid the mail by deleting your payment address. To delete payment address, go to account manager then payments and subscription then manege subscription then go to setting.  Then you to go to the last of the site. Here you can find an option of payment address closing.  Simply click on it and tell them the reason why are you can want to do this and close address


If you are using only blogspot.com or WordPress.com, you needed to add a custom domain to add your site in AdSense.  You can face the website not added problems if you do not add a custom domain.

But you can approve in blogspot.com.  But the account will be hosted. So you can earn less than non hosted account.
You need to make your blog in blogger. After 6 months your blogspot.com website will be approved for AdSense.

  • The website was not found:

After adding a custom domain, do not forget to enable www.example.com to redirect to example.com
If you do not do this, your website does not add. 

  • Blogger AdSense Approval Trick


                                                 ADSENSE ALTERNATIVES

Buy a custom domain:

To add your website in AdSense and approve for AdSense, you needed to add a custom domain on your site.  Some times you can hear, you need a top-level domain. But you can easily get approval in the paid domain. But you can not approve for to, ml and another free domain.
But you can approve in blogspot.com

SSL certificate: 

You need to enable an SSL certificate in your blog. You can easily enable this in a blogger from your blogger site setting option.  
AdSense will check your site security.
So download an SEO friendly template. If HTTP and https are mixed in your blog theme, your site is not getting security. I have faced this problem.
I have solved this problem by changing the theme of my site.
So make sure your template is SEO friendly. You can download SEO friendly templates from my site. Just search in the blog and download SEO friendly templates.

Write unique articles  to approve for AdSense in 2020

You need to write unique content in English. But all users do not know proper English. So you can write English in a simple step.
Make a post on your own language. Then copy and paste it to google translate and translate it to English. Then you can publish it.
But you can not get approved for AdSense if you do copy paste work.
You can not get approval for AdSense if you write any illegal or child abuse content.

You can also make a unique article with a unique article generator tool.
Just search in google " Unique article generator " then select any site and generate the article. Some sites are free and some are paid. After adding the post, check the plagiarism of the article. Because some others can use the same content on their website.

Make required pages on your site to approve for AdSense in 2020

You have made 5 pages to approve for AdSense.

1. Make a privacy policy page

 You have made a privacy policy page and this is a must. Without this, you can approve of AdSense. You can easily generate this by any privacy policy generator website

2. Make a contact us page

You can make contact form with google forms

3.  Make an about us page

Write about 500 words article about you on this page

4. Make a disclaimer page

You can easily generate disclaimer from any disclaimer generator website

5.  Make a sitemap page

Share only your website sitemap URL.  This is not necessary.

Responsive website theme select:

The website theme is a big factor to get approved for AdSense. You need to add SEO friendly asset up blogger template.
You can download free blogger templates from my site.

Remove footer credits ( blogger Adsense approval trick )

Remove footer credit from your blogger footer to approve.  You can easily remove footer credit from here. Download blogger themes from my site for free and removes footer credit.

More than 1 AdSense account:

Do not make more than 1 AdSense account with 1 sim, same name, same number. 

The number of posts:

Most of my visitors question that, how many posts are needed to approve for AdSense?

Google AdSense gives approve with at list 15 post website

But I recommend you to 25 posts, then apply for Adsense

Content of Niche:

Avoid hacking, child abuse, cracking, adult, drag selling contents in your site. 
Make SEO friendly blog posts. 

Submit your blog to Google Search Console:

G.S.C means Google Search Console. AdSense is now strict. Publishers must submit their sites in Google Search of Console
Some times this is not a factor of AdSense approval. 

Language of your blog:

Write a unique AdSense supported article to approve for AdSense. But approve chances will be increased if you write everything in English. 

Connected your social media with the blog:

Connect tour social media with each other to make your site AdSense friendly. Connect Facebook page, YouTube channel if you have. 
But you must add 1 social media with your blog. 

Blgger AdSense approval trick blogger adsense approval trick blogger adsense adsense approval trick for blogger blogger adsense approval trick

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