what is the best alternative of adsense in 2020

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We all know that AdSense is the biggest company for showing ads on websites or blogs. Besides AdSense, there are so many websites who generate us on our website. There are some high paying websites.

  • Media.net

This website gives huge money. This company is under Microsoft. This is the best website to generate ads in websites. But we need a domain, more than 100 posts, and huge traffic.  We have to approve their to generate ads link AdSense

  • Adnow

Anyone can easily login here and they can generate ads for their website. They review your website for 1 day

If you are approved, then you can earn money from here. You can also earn extra by referral system

 A- ads
This is very useful for new bloggers.  You can use is on link shorter site and festival scripts and anywhere where you wanted. You do not approve of your site. 

  • Clickadu 

I have signed up for this network a few times ago.  You can see this ad network is advertising in google ads to get publishers and advertisers.  I like this network because this site helps small bloggers and new bloggers.
You can find

  1. Banner ads
  2. Video ads
  3. Pop ads
  4. Skim ads
  5. Popunder ads
  6. Push notification ads
  7. Instant text message ads

  • Adsterra 
I do not like this ad network because this ad network provides ads which causes some problem to visitors. I have used this network. But it is not right for publishers. If you want to try this, you can sign for it. 
The good thing about this network is the provides referral program which will help you to earn more.

  • Bidvatizer

This site is very old.  This site is about 10+ old.  You can trust this site.  But it is not easy to approve in this site.
I do not recommend this site because they want 50000+ monthly traffic to approve in this site

  • Revenuehits

This site is said to be the friends for new publishers. You can easily approve it in any site. This site gives us instant approval.  You can easily approve in your every site like the one-page site, withing site, low traffic site, etc.
But you will earn very low. 

  • Admob 
We know Admob is an ad network used for app publishers. But you can easily show Admob ads on your site and earn with this.  You can only show AdMob banner ads on your site.  

  • Sovrn
If you do not get AdSense approval or your AdSense was disabled for some reason, you can use sovrn. Because sovrn have the power to compete with AdSense. This site is known as a high CPM network. 
Do not submit your site if your site is not ready for sovrn. 


  • From ads

  • Mediavine

  • Propeller ads
This is very popular for helping low traffic websites. 

  • Pop ads

  • Admavan

  • Adsaturn

  • Adcash

  • Adthrive

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